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John Yeager has a proven record in extinguishing legal fires.

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Austin, Texas DWI Lawyer

The number of defendants processed in the criminal justice system has grown substantially during the past 10 years. At the same time, the types of crimes prosecuted have dramatically shifted.

Today, the complexities of the legal system require defense attorneys who deeply understand the system and do more than legal research and argue before court.

With over 37 years experience, including 30 years as a certified specialist in criminal law, John Yeager takes pride in finding successful solutions and extinguishing the fire that arises from criminal accusations. Mr. Yeager will provide the knowledge and insight you need to understand the complexities of your case. His familiarity with the Texas Legal System helps to ensure your case reaches a positive outcome. As a sole practitioner, Mr. Yeager works closely with his clients, building solid, trusting relationships.